The way it should be

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Fire n fire. In the market and in the weather. Government is trying to fix these problems. But they are in deep shit. Whatever they are trying, is not working yet. Peoples are going crazy. Nobody know what will be happen next. Still hope for the best.

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Our top military officials awarded themselves by getting their promotions. Now Bangladesh have more strong peoples to serve for.

A government order yesterday said the rank of the army chief has been upgraded to General from Lieutenant General, the rank of the navy chief has been upgraded to Vice Admiral from Rear Admiral and the rank of the air chief has been upgraded to Air Marshal from Air Vice Marshal.

Besides, the government has also given promotions and brought changes in a number of positions in the army, the ISPR release said, adding the promotions and changes will also become effective from the forenoon of Saturday.

Hope they will try to upgrade our national life as well.

Works works n works

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I have lots of works to do today. Now I’ve just finished the 2nd part of my current video editing job. Its an NGO seminar coverage captured with three cameras. Compiling these three sum is challenging and interesting too. I love challenges and love to learn more. Ya, I am learning everyday from my works, experiences and so on.

Beyond Limits

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Today, I got myself waiting in a shop for 3 hours only for the blazing electricity.  I can’t work  on my PC.  Thinking to buy a laptop  only for this power reason. Thats the life in Dhaka; now.

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Life in Old Dhaka

Long hot dayz

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Dhaka is sweating. Ya, the sun is hot; so do the people here. With the nature, electricity is tempting us with its regular shedding. The market is hot too, with it’s awesome price hike.

Anyway, the political days are spinning like a top. Everyday newspaper has new turns and happenings in the political structure. No one can assume what’s the next. Better hope for the best.

Now I feel it should rain soon. Both in the hot city and the mind of the puzzled peoples.


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