“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”



Life is full of surprises. Following the excitement of my cousin Arif  and with the excellent management of my buddy Russell, on 23rd October 2015, this wonderful journey took place.

Starting from Khagrachhari (Mainimukh Army Camp), we sailed over the spectacular Kaptai lake more than 4 hours and reached Rangamati (Reserve Bazar Ghat) on sunset. A journey by launch to remember.


Kaptai Lake : Sailing Away


Happy Birthday Bangladesh


I am very proud that I was born in this land. Grew up breathing your heavenly air, play on your fertile soil, sailed on your marvelous rivers, climbed the spectacular hills….what else can’t I say. Endless devotion is sealed on my heart.

You are now 44 years old.

Happy Birthday Bangladesh. Happy Birthday Motherland.

My love for you will never end.